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opinion poll 2014, india, general election, modi, june, exit polls 2014 india, lok sabha, survey

Opinion poll 2014, opinion poll 2014 general election

The election scene in India with its own unique brand of electoral politics can be faulted for anything but for being a bland affair sans its fair share of entertaining asides and play of array of moral, amoral, frivolous and vested intents. This time too there is no doubt that this battle of ballot is going to be a keenly con – tested affair as usual but what has lent the present round of encounter an added dimension of interest is the Narendra Modi factor. Whether the nation now is in for substantial and decisive course correction in pursuit of its next much-hoped for tryst with destiny is anybody’s guess, but the entry of Narendra Modi to the national stage of politics has definitely introduced an element of sharpness to the fight which hitherto was missing with the Congress complacently ensconced in the saddle with undisputed assurance. Everyone is looking for opinion poll 2014.

Opinion poll 2014 modi, opinion poll 2014 june

As to how and why Modi’s name cropped up at this juncture as a candidate for the top post is another matter, but the very announcement of his name virtually unpinned a blast of outburst in the camps of allies and adversaries alike. One of the fall-outs of these reactions was the parting of ways between the two long-term allies, the BJP and the JD(U), and the last but not the least was the sulk of the BJP’s ageing patriarch L K Advani who, however, was later on prevailed upon to sink his differences. Now every party organizing rallies for election they also had an eye on opinion poll 2014.

Exit polls 2014 india, opinion poll 2014 general election india

So, in this context, the move of the BJP to anoint Modi for the top executive post was not a smooth sail. In fact, odds were heavily stacked against him in the form of strong opinions across the entire range of political spectrum. His personality came under sharp focus. And he stood arraigned before his baptism in the national politics. The charges related to both his personality as well as his political leadership. Many called him dictatorial and overambitious. In fact, there is a very thin line dividing these personal traits and virtues of determination and positive assertions. And any practitioner of these qualities can cross that Laxman Rekha at his own peril in a democracy where a leader has to ensure the backing of a sizeable majority of legislators to legitimise his rule. Opinion poll 2014 is available on every site. But most of them are paid.

Exit poll lok sabha election 2014, 2014 elections survey india and opinion poll 2014

About communalism with its attendant maidens of hatred and violence, one can say that it is a strange paradox in the history of mankind that worst acts of violence have been perpetrated in the name of religion. In context of instances of such aberrations in our political life, the truth and facts have this suspicious knack of getting elusive and obfuscated. But that should not prevent anybody from persisting with avenues of justice as available to us all. Most of the opinion poll 2014 are fake.

The survey of indian election 2014 and opinion poll 2014

So far, Modi has dealt with these odds successfully. So much so that even the principal opponent, the Congress, has accepted him as a challenger and is now waiting for him to take up the more substantial issues in his campaign speeches. The initial animus let loose from various quarters has also begun to subside. A series of well-attended rallies addressed by him have amply demonstrated his better oratorical skills and his knack of establishing an instant connect with his audience in comparison to many of his opponents. Here, if nothing else, he has at least succeeded in galvanising his own party cadres by imbuing them with new hope and optimism. One of the reasons for this growing voter perception about Modi rests with the Congress-led UPA government which, by getting associated with rash of scams one after another, pro – vided its foes with enough ammunition to take it to task. Here, Modi’s trenchant style, quite in contrast to the poetic sublimity of Vajpayee, could not have asked for more. Now so far the answer to the final question whether Modi will deliver the goods by ensuring good results for the BJP or not is concerned, only time holds the key, given the complex electoral scenario in India. Opinion poll 2014 is based on public survey.

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